Navy includes biofuels in annual fuel request

Source: By┬áLaura Barron-Lopez, The • Posted: Monday, July 28, 2014

The Pentagon is requesting biofuels be included in its annual request for fuels that are delivered to facilities in the eastern and inland U.S., according to the Energy Department’s stat shop.

It’s the first time the request has included biofuels, which would be blended with military-specified diesel fuel and jet fuel, the Energy Information Administration said Friday.

The U.S. Navy requested the biofuels to help reach its goal of generating 50 percent of its energy from alternative sources by 2020.

That includes renewables, nuclear and biofuels. Currently, roughly 17 percent of the Navy’s energy supplies come from renewable and nuclear sources of electricity.

No biofuels are included in that, but the Navy wants to use the alternative fuels to directly replace petroleum-based gasoline.