Minnesota grants will encourage gas stations to use higher ethanol blends

Source: By Agweek • Posted: Tuesday, February 1, 2022

ST. PAUL — Minnesota is offering grants to gas stations to help them sell higher percentage blends of ethanol.

The Agricultural Growth, Research, and Innovation Biofuels Infrastructure Grant Program through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture will award up to $6.6 million to help pay for pumps, fuel storage tanks, and other equipment certified as compatible with blends of motor fuel containing at least 25% ethanol.

Applicants can ask for up to $199,000 for a project. The minimum grant amount is $5,000. Grants money may be spent over three years for projects starting between June 2022 and June 2023.

The grants are for retail gas stations in Minnesota with no more than 10 sites, regardless of location. Retailers must submit a separate application for each site in Minnesota.

Applications must be received by 4 p.m. March 17, 2022. Visit the AGRI Biofuels Infrastructure Grant webpage for more information.

The Minnesota Legislature fund the AGRI Program , to benefit the state’s agricultural and renewable energy sectors. An additional $1 million in funding has been provided by the Minnesota Corn Growers Association .