Minnesota E15 consumption reached 59 million gallons in 2018

Source: By Meghan Sapp, Biofuels Digest • Posted: Wednesday, February 13, 2019

In Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Commerce released its year-end station report detailing a record-breaking year for 88 Octane fuel sales, also known as E15, and building momentum for E85 in 2018.

More than 59 million gallons of 88 Octane fuel were sold to Minnesota consumers last year, nearly tripling sales from 2017. Sales of E85 reached 16.4 million gallons last year, surpassing 14.8 million gallons sold in 2017.

The remarkable growth of 88 Octane fuel coincides with a rise in ethanol infrastructure. Stations selling 88 Octane went from 14 retailers in 2014 to more than 300 last year. The investment also led to a growth in retailers offering E85, which surpassed 400 in 2018.

The increase in retailers offering the lower-priced, high-octane fuel was spurred by a $14 million investment in biofuel infrastructure in 2015.

Through the Biofuel Infrastructure Partnership (BIP), the U.S. Department of Agriculture awarded Minnesota $8 million for ethanol infrastructure development to make cleaner-burning ethanol fuels more accessible. A coalition including the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, American Lung Association in Minnesota, Minnesota Biofuels Association, Ethanol Producers, Prime the Pump, and Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) brought the total investment to $14 million.