Logjam kicks up debate over boosting electric vehicles

Source: By By Marc Heller, E&E Reporter • Posted: Monday, February 22, 2021

A backlog of applications for advanced renewable fuels at EPA is spurring a new debate in the biofuel industry: Should the agency catch up on proposals related to electric vehicles first? That’s a possibility, a biofuel industry source told E&E News, as the Biden administration faces pressure to clear a logjam of applications for advanced biofuels under the renewable fuel standard. At issue are “pathways” that qualify various feedstocks such as crop residues for use in biofuel used for transportation — either directly in vehicles or in the production of electricity for EVs. In order for those fuels to qualify under the RFS, the agency has to first approve the pathway, then specific applications from companies seeking to use them. “We’re all stuck in a logjam together,” said a biofuel industry source who added that he worries EPA will make only the applications related to EVs a top priority — and leave other biofuel applications sitting. Some have been pending for several years.