Little Falls ethanol plant suspends operations

Source: :Associated Press Updated: August 13, 2012, Star Tribune • Posted: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

LITTLE FALLS, Minn. – High corn prices have forced a Little Falls ethanol plant to suspend operations.

The Central Minnesota Ethanol Co-op was idled late last month. Most of the plant’s 30 employees are out of work.

The St. Cloud Times ( reports the high price of corn — and a low availability of corn locally — led to the idling.

General manager Dana Persson says until the plant can buy corn — or sell ethanol — at a price more conducive to doing business, “this is the course we have to take for now.”

Persson thinks the plant could resume operations in September or October, once the new corn crop comes in.

The co-op began operating in 1999 and has produced about 21.5 million gallons of ethanol a year in the past.