Letter – We are the enemy

Source: By Orrie Swayze, Watertown Public Opinion • Posted: Friday, August 18, 2017

Ethanol’s big vision had always been the sky is the only limit for ethanol’s role in liquid fuels markets. That big vision was the driving force creating American dreams to break our ugly dependence on oil.

As well-intentioned as E15 promotion is, America’s big vision for ethanol morphed into a petty “We got to get to E15 first” very small vision. Tragically, nearly all ethanol, corn and political leaders adapted quickly to this new small ethanol vision. Really, they tread over a sacred American tradition when simply surrendering to government (EPA’s) propaganda. In this case government verbally declared ethanol’s optimal, lower cost best performance blend E30 is illegal. Never before has a major industry resource so successfully quashed the competition by having the competition declared illegal by government. Interestingly with the permission of the people.

Actually the conclusion “we have met the enemy and they are us” has never been truer. The government’s agent or EPA observes standard auto owners fueling with E30 to only issue a meaningless scolding saying that is a big no, no. Truth is EPA knows 30 percent ethanol octane replacing petroleum’s 30 percent benzene and related poisonous octane would slash known human genotoxic, carcinogenic tailpipe emissions. Fining standard auto owners for fueling with E30 obviously would violate the clean air act or the law.

Ironically, EPA’s fraudulent claim that standard auto owners’ use of E30 is illegal is validated only by ethanol, corn, and political leaders erro