Letter to the Editor: Nebraska farmers need year-round E15

Source: By Shane Greckel, North Platte Telegraph • Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Rural Nebraskans are hoping the Environmental Protection Agency can deliver an E15 ruling before June 1. E15, fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol, is an important economic driver for family farmers, but EPA regulations restrict its sale during the summertime. President Trump and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler have promised to fix these regulations, but what’s the timeline?

Ethanol in E15 is made from crops like corn and provides access to a valuable market for struggling farmers who have seen their incomes cut in half in recent years thanks to low commodity prices. Ethanol is a major economic driver in Nebraska. And more importantly, it helps to reduce harmful toxins in the air and gives all consumers another choice for homegrown fuels and a less expensive fuel option. Plus ethanol production provides rural communities with thousands of quality jobs.

Farmers need to know that Washington is keeping its end of the bargain. It’s up to our Nebraska congressional delegation to keep pressuring the EPA to finalize their ruling on E15 before another crucial summer driving season begins.