Letter: People are not against ethanol

Source: By Rose Mather, Sioux City Journal • Posted: Monday, March 13, 2023

People are not against ethanol. They just oppose the damage from moving CO2 through confiscated land in high pressure, hazardous pipelines and then claiming those privately owned CO2 pipelines are for the public good. CO2 pipelines are not needed.

Ethanol plants need to deal with the CO2 on site. They should also be looking at the many new uses, markets, as well as methods of transporting the CO2. They should be working with “The hands that feed them,” and not promoting the taking of their land.

When ethanol plants convert, sell, and transport CO2, they know they eliminate some CO2. They also know that corn and other Iowa vegetation absorb CO2. Large manufacturers in populated, non-farming areas, pay farmers for carbon credits, but Iowa ethanol plants are getting corn carbon credits for free!

Scientists are just now trying to put a number on how many tons per acre corn absorbs. “Climate Smart” practices should receive priority in 2023 to remove even more CO2 from the air. Many of these practices are already in use and they are not hazardous. New farming methods help increase absorption. In a short time, ethanol will be considered a green, renewable, sustainable, fuel.

Summit and other CO2 pipelines need to act fast before the 45Q tax credit money deadline and new CO2 uses as well as safety issues and restrictive laws are in place. These pipelines are temporary and will probably be obsolete before any construction is completed. Summit even mentions selling in their easements. – Rose Mather, Yankton, S.D.