Letter Asks President to Support the RFS and Biofuels Production

Source: By WNAX • Posted: Friday, March 10, 2017

A pair of farm state Senators along with the Governor’s Biofuels coalition have written President Trump recently asking him to support biofuels production. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he wants the President to make sure the EPA keeps the Renewable Fuel Standard point of obligation on refiners and not allow it to be changed to fuel retailers. He and Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar have joined together on the letter.

He says if the point of obligation is shifted to retailers it’ll be impossible to enforce the proper amount of ethanol is being blended according to the law.

Grassley says while he’d like to see the Reid Vapor Pressure requirement lifted so that E 15 could be sold year round, it’s more important to keep the RFS point of obligation intact.

The Governor’s coalition wants the RVP lifted and for the administration to update corn ethanol’s lifecycle carbon emissions profile to reflect advances in ethanol production technology.