Issue gap for voters is greatest on climate — Gallup poll

Source: Amanda Reilly, E&E reporter • Posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A new poll shows a wide gap between Democrats and Republicans on how important climate change is to their vote for president.

The Gallup¬†poll¬†found that 72 percent of Democrats say that the issue of climate change is “extremely” or “very” important in how they vote for a presidential candidate. Just 25 percent of Republicans say that the issue is important.

The 47-point margin represents the widest gap between Democrats and Republicans out of 17 issues that the Gallup poll asked adults around the country to rate. Independents fell between the two parties in the importance they place on climate change in the upcoming election.

Gallup conducted the poll of 1,530 adults May 18-22. The margin of error was 3 points.

Both the Democratic candidates for president support action to address climate change. Likely Republican nominee Donald Trump opposes climate policies and has said he would seek to undo the international climate agreement reached in Paris last December.

While the poll found vast differences between parties on climate change, Democrats and Republicans generally agreed that education, the economy, employment and jobs, health care, and terrorism and national security are important issues when it comes to their vote for president.

“These issues represent a common denominator for the electorate that should make it easy for the candidates to know where to focus their attention this year,” Gallup said.