Iowa biofuels mandate bill still up in the air at Iowa Capitol

Source: By Zach Fisher, WHO • Posted: Monday, April 11, 2022

House File 2128 would require gas stations in the state to sell E15 fuel if they had the proper infrastructure by 2026. Those gas stations that didn’t have the equipment needed for the fuel wouldn’t have to sell it, unless they upgraded their facilities.

The bill has passed through a Senate subcommittee, but other than that has not made progress with getting to the Senate floor. With the session coming to a close in a week and a half, the week ahead will decide if an E15 mandate will be applied in the state.

“We have had success passing the first chamber, we look for continued and robust conversation going into the last two weeks of the session,” said State Senator Zach Nunn (R) from Altoona.

State Senator Nunn made the remarks last Thursday when he was talking about energy sources in the state. According to Nunn the bill has not been shelved for this session. He also mentioned federal government control of biofuels, and how it hurts those in Iowa who produce ethanol.

“One of those things that will be most helpful for that bill is looking at things like E15 being able to be used year-round,” said State Senator Nunn. “I think that is a challenge for all of us right now. The federal government has put handcuffs on Iowa producers taking it off the table for 25 percent of the year. Moving forward in that particularly in an energy crisis like this gets us the opportunity to move that directly and it wouldn’t only help here in Iowa, but across the country.”

Biofuels, transparency in education, unemployment benefits and a bottle bill are some of the bigger issues lawmakers could come to an agreement on in the last week of the assembly.