Indiana Senator vows to fight for Renewable Fuels Standard

Source: BY Meghan Grebner, Brownfield News • Posted: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Indiana’s Democratic Senator says the proposed switch in the point of obligation of the Renewable Fuels Standard would be detrimental to the ethanol industry.

Joe Donnelly says he’ll continue to push back to keep the point of obligation at the refiner level.  “We have a good system that works right now,” he says.  “This effort by some of the companies, including Valero Energy and others to try and move this to move away from the refiners is damaging to ethanol.  It’s damaging to Indiana agriculture and I’m going to fight it every step of the way.”

He tells Brownfield he’s working across party lines to protect the ethanol industry.

Donnelly says the switch simply doesn’t make sense.  “It doesn’t lead to fairness,” he says.  “It doesn’t lead to using American fuels instead of having to buy fuels from the Middle East and elsewhere.  What I tell everyone in the US Senate is – look – ethanol is American fuel.  Ethanol is national security.  Ethanol is money in our farmers pockets and we don’t want to make it difficult to use the product.”

He says President Trump would be wise to make sure this change does not take place.  “I have said to President Trump on many occasions I want to work with you and do everything I can to work as a team and create more jobs more opportunity, more success,” he says.  “Not only for Rural America – but our entire state and our entire country.”

Indiana is the nation’s fifth largest corn producing state and the home to 14 ethanol producing plants.