Indiana Ethanol Producers Lobby Lawmakers on E-15

Source: By Gary Truitt, Hoosier Ag Today • Posted: Monday, May 15, 2017

With summer approaching, Indiana motorists will lose the ability to purchase E-15 gasoline as a result of an antiquated EPA rule. Hoosier Ethanol Producers went to Washington last week to lobby for a change. Gunner Greene, manager of the Iroquois ethanol plant in Jasper County, said his meetings with the Hoosier congressional delegation was very encouraging, “The vast majority of the Indiana delegation was extremely supportive and really understood the contribution of the industry to the state.” In addition to seeking support for the Renewable Fuel Standard, Greene said they were pushing for adoption of legislation that would allow E-15 fuel to be sold year round, “They stand behind us in our efforts to get better access to E-15 fuel in the summertime.”

But, despite the support, Greene says there seems little chance of any action being taken anytime soon, “The atmosphere in Washington right now makes it hard to get anything done. So despite the support we have, we did not get any encouragement of the likelihood of success.” He told HAT it will take action by Congress to override the EPA regulation that prevents the sale of E-15 during summer months. This is not a controversial issue, but is one that is just getting lost in the political maelstrom. Greene stated that, while Senator Joe Donnelly has been extremely supportive of renewable fuels, Indiana’s freshman Senator Todd Young has not been an outspoken supporter, “We will continue to reach out to his staff and to work with him personally so we can educate him on the benefits of this industry.”

Greene said their retail facility at the plant in Jasper County is demonstrating how ethanol is a good value for Hoosier motorists. That station sells E-15, with higher  blends of ethanol up to E-85.