ICM announces successful startup of FS Bioenergia in Brazil

Source: By Ethanol Producer Magazine • Posted: Tuesday, October 24, 2017

ICM Inc., an industry-leader in the development and optimization of grain-based ethanol technologies, is pleased to announce the successful startup and commissioning of Brazil’s first standalone dry-mill corn ethanol plant.  The plant is FS Bioenergia, a joint venture between U.S.-based Summit Agricultural Group and Fiagril Ltda of Brazil.

The ICM-designed ethanol plant is located in the middle of Mato Grosso, Brazil’s Corn Belt, near the city of Lucas de Rio Verde, enabling the region to benefit from the alternative use of local corn production.  The plant has the ability to produce feed products purposely manufactured from distillers grains, such as high fiber product and a high protein product. These specifications bring significant product value. The ethanol will primarily provide supply to the country’s domestic markets, which will offset the country’s increasing demand for biofuels.

ICM’s scope of work included technologies, engineering, proprietary equipment, and services. Technologies comprised the corn to ethanol process and two patent-pending processes to increase ethanol and oil yields, Selective Milling Technology and Fiber Separation Technology.  Services included on-site representation throughout the build and installation process. ICM supported FS Bioenergia through the startup, commissioning and training process. The construction of the plant and installation of the equipment were completed ahead of schedule.

“We value the opportunity to collaborate and to revolutionize the biofuels industry,” stated Dave VanderGriend, CEO of ICM, “ICM looks forward to continued collaboration with FS Bioenergia to promote the economic growth of the region and Brazil by providing our process technologies and services to advance renewable energy.”

Issam Stouky, of ICM’s Global Business Development, stated, “We are proud to see the successful startup and completion of this project in Brazil.” “ICM will continue to promote the use of grains to increase ethanol production capacity in Brazil, and we look forward to promoting biofuels production and sustainable development in this region,” added Stouky.