Head of Nebraska Corn Board says ethanol is another vehicle to meet climate goals

Source: By Kellan Heavican, Brownfield • Posted: Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The head of the Nebraska Corn Board says continuous improvements in farming and biofuel production are helping decarbonize the transportation industry.

Kelly Brunkhorst tells Brownfield a recent study shows corn-based ethanol has a 46 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. “We can take the modeling and look at it as compared to all the discussion around electric vehicles being zero emission but as we compare everything equally, we can be much lower than electric can be.  So when we talk about decarbonizing, we are the fuel that’s here and now.”

He says as ag producers and ethanol plants reduce their climate footprint through carbon sequestration and storage, they’re also improving their bottom line. “Some of those markets will come back down to the producer in regards to an incentive to a premium on the corn they produce, it could be a premium on the ethanol that’s sold but it could come back down to the farmer because of the feedstock innovations and technologies they’re adopting.”

He says farmers and ranchers are using conservation techniques like no-till and cover crops that also help meet sustainability goals.