Grassley zaps USDA over electric vehicle budget request

Source: By Agri-Pulse • Posted: Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa is ripping USDA for earmarking $25 million in its budget request for transitioning its vehicle fleet away from conventional fuels. According to USDA’s fiscal 2022 budget summary, the funding will go for “hybrid, alternative, and/or electric vehicle charging infrastructure as an interim critical step to meet strategic clean energy goals.” Grassley told reporters that it’s “sad to see even USDA is trying to eliminate a market which farmers rely on.” He called President Biden’s attempt to electrify the government vehicle fleet “wishful thinking.” There were over 657,500 vehicles in the government’s inventory in FY 2020, according to the General Services Administration. About 37,000 of those were USDA’s.