Governor Pete Ricketts comments on use of higher ethanol blends

Source: By NTV News • Posted: Sunday, August 14, 2022

At the Ag and Economic Summit, NTV News asked Governor Pete Ricketts about the Inflation Reduction Act, specifically the tax credits given to some people who purchase electric vehicles and if the same should be done for drivers who purchase a flex fuel car or truck.

“And while we certainly want to look at having all of the above strategy when it comes to energy, this administration is focused on one aspect of energy, you know electric vehicles, when we could also be exploring higher blends of ethanol which when we do carbon sequestration will have a carbon footprint on par with an electric vehicle, right? But we don’t have a distribution system in place. So I’m not saying we don’t want to have electric vehicles but we have another system that is already out there as well that we should be making sure is available and this administration just isn’t supporting,” said Ricketts.