Gov. Walz on COVID-19, veterans, ethanol fuel, healthcare, and elections

Source: By Devin Martin, ABC 6 News • Posted: Sunday, October 25, 2020

(ABC 6 News) — Election season as we know is a busy time for candidates.

Many are on the road trying to talk to voters about their platforms. On Saturday in Southern Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz (DFL) lead a “Joe’s in Your Corner” tour to highlight the Joe Biden-Kamala  Harris plan for Minnesota.

ABC 6 News Reporter Devin Martin talked with Gov. Walz about what he wants Minnesotans to know during this election season, “People are ready for change, they’re done with drama, they’re here and they believe that Joe Biden is a steady hand, someone that understands the middle class,” Gov. Walz said.

Gov. Walz also spoke with farmers after he toured the Poet Biorefining ethanol plant in Preston, “We had to fight every step of the way to get the president to not give breaks to oil companies, to make sure our ethanol industry thrives and to see them coming back. I think it’s exciting to see small-town folks who are raising corn and producing ethanol to understand that a Biden administration knows that yes we’re going to have to transition off fossil fuels but there’s a bridge and one of those bridges is ethanol,” Gov. Walz said.

Gov. Walz on COVID-19, veterans, ethanol fuel, healthcare, and elections

The governor also met with veterans in Rochester to talk about Biden’s promises for quality healthcare for them, “A lot of veterans, of course, Vietnam on up, they’re nervous about the direction our country is going. They fought alongside our allies and now they see those traditional allies being ignored and they see a friendliness with Russian things, I think that troubles them,” Gov. Walz said.

Army Veteran Tom Dimond agrees, “Joe Biden is a part of a military family. He and his wife are military family members. They have gone through the hardships, the tension and the needs of military service members, they understand it,” Dimond said.

At the end of the day, Gov. Walz believes Minnesotans will vote blue, “Joe Biden will win Minnesota. I think at the heart of it is that this state cares about compassion. When it comes down to casting your vote, they’re going to vote with the Biden-Harris team because I think it’s that type of leadership we’re hungry for again,” Gov. Walz said.

Gov. Walz joined Rep. Tina Liebling of Rochester and Democratic candidate for State Senate Aleta Borrud. The incumbent Liebling is facing Gary Melin while Borrud is facing incumbent Senator Carla Nelson.