Gov. Reynolds issues statement on EPA’s final RFS volumes for 2018

Source: By Office of Governor Kim Reynolds • Posted: Friday, December 1, 2017

Gov. Kim Reynolds issued the following statement Thursday after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published its final rule on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volumes for 2018.

“This announcement shows that EPA Administrator Pruitt is listening to our concerns and taking them into consideration. But it also shows that we have more work to do. 

“I want to thank the EPA for setting the volume for conventional ethanol at the maximum of 15 billion gallons. That’s so important for our farmers and our economy. 

“I’m also pleased to see that the EPA has raised the cellulosic and advanced biofuel volumes from what it proposed in July. The EPA is recognizing that we need to look forward, not backward, when it comes to cellulosic ethanol. That’s important to encourage investment and innovation. 

“But I’m disappointed that the EPA has chosen not to raise the biodiesel volume. By not raising the RFS levels, the EPA is discouraging investment and discouraging growth. That’s the opposite of what the Renewable Fuel Standard is designed to achieve. 

“As I’ve said again and again, I won’t stop fighting for the renewable fuels industry. Administrator Pruitt has shown that he is willing to listen, and I appreciate that. Because he’ll be hearing from me a lot.”