GBC Meeting, March 12-13, 2013 in Sioux Falls, SD

Posted: Sunday, March 24, 2013

Meeting Agenda [DOC]


  • Larry Pearce, Executive Director, Governors’ Biofuels Coalition


  • Jeff Broin, Executive Chairman, POET

What Has the Federal Renewable Fuels Standard Accomplished?

  • Honorable Terry Brandstad, Governor of Iowa and Chairman, Governors’ Biofuels Coalition
  • Honorable Dennis Daugarrd, Governor of South Dakota and member, Governors’ Biofuels Coalition
  • Amy Schwab, Biomass System Integration Lead, National Renewable Energy Laboratory [PDF]
  • Tom Buis, Chief Executive Officer, Growth Energy

Reducing Gasoline Particle-Borne Toxics and Black Carbon Emissions

Moderator: David Hallberg, Urban Air Initiative

  • Handout Materials [zipped PDF files]
  • “Pathways to a Win-Win-Win Outcome”
    Ernie Shea, Executive Director, 25 x 25 [PPTX]
  • “Implementation Based Upon 1990 Clear Air Act Amendment Foundation”
    Carol Werner, Environmental and Energy Study Institute (Skype presentation)
  • “Urban Air Initiative: Tools for States to Grow Their Economies & Improve Public Health”
    Greg Krissek, ICM Inc.  [PPTX]

Advances in Feedstock and Biofuel Production Sustainability

  • David Terry, Governors’ Biofuels Coalition
  • Martha Schlicher, Monsanto

The Benefits of a Higher Ethanol Blend Strategy: Meeting RFS Targets, Protecting Public Health & Saving Consumers’ Money

  • The Honorable Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, former U.S. Representative-At Large, South Dakota

The Status of Next Generation Ethanol Production

Moderator: Chris Standlee, Executive Vice President, Abengoa

  • “Dupont Iowa Project”
    Steve Mirshak, Global Business Director, DuPont Cellulosic Ethanol [PDF]
  • “Abengoa Project”
    Chris Standlee, Executive Vice President [PDF]
  • “Project Liberty”
    Jeff Lautt, POET President and CEO

Ethanol Infrastructure Development and Marketing

Moderator: Todd Sneller, Nebraska Ethanol Board

  • “South Dakota’s Program”
    Hunter Roberts, South Dakota Energy Policy Director [PDF]
  • “Minnesota Blender Pump Program”
    Jon Hunter, Minnesota Lung Association [PDF]

If We Only Had a Brain: Resolving the Apparent Food versus Fuel Conflict by Using Our Heads

  • Bruce Dale, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center [PDF] | [PPTX]

Delivering a Higher Octane, Lower Carbon, Lower Cost Gasoline to the Consumer

  • Steve Vander Griend, ICM, Inc. [PPTX]
  • “E30 98RON: A Clean Octane Choice” [PDF]

Biodiesel Presentation

  • Randy Olson, Executive Director, Iowa Biodiesel Board