Fuels America debuts USA Today RFS ad as API gears up for media blitz

Source: By Isabel Lane, Biofuels Digest • Posted: Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In Washington, Fuels America has debuted their USA Today full-page advertisement which warns that the EPA’s proposal to fundamentally alter the Renewable Fuel Standard would seriously undermine his Administration’s efforts to combat climate change, promote energy independence, and support the emerging cellulosic ethanol industry.

The ad will air from September 19th-21st. Speculators have observed the the Fuels America ad directly responds to API’s recent TV stop which demands President Obama to “stop playing politics— fix the RFS.” According to Domestic Fuel, API’s Bob Greco says they launched their campaign in part because of recent statements from EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy that the agency will raise ethanol requirements based on the latest gasoline demand figures for 2014.

The full text of the Fuels America ad is listed below:

“Something pretty revolutionary is happening in Iowa and Kansas. After years of innovation and investment, America’s renewable fuel industry is launching four large, commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plants this year. Using groundbreaking technology, these facilities convert agricultural residue into the lowest-carbon motor fuel in the world. It’s good news for the climate and our economy.

“The bad news: the companies and investors looking to deploy the next wave of cellulosic ethanol facilities have put U.S. investment on hold. That’s because the EPA is proposing dramatic changes to the bipartisan Renewable Fuel Standard that would give oil companies even more control than they already have to limit a cleaner, less expensive alternative from entering the marketplace. Oil companies will be allowed to choke off the competition by simply refusing to provide the infrastructure to sell renewable fuels to consumers.

“President Obama needs to overrule this misguided proposal from the EPA before it is too late and these new technologies move overseas. The fate of America’s advanced biofuel industry, along with the President’s clean energy legacy, are resting on his decision.”