Fuels America debuts campaign for RFS supporters facing reelection

Source: By Isabel Lane, Biofuels Digest • Posted: Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In the US, Fuels America has launched a six-figure TV and radio campaign in Minnesota, Michigan, and Nebraska thanking American renewable fuels champions Sen. Al Franken, Rep. Collin Peterson, Rep. Lee Terry and Rep. Gary Peters for supporting the Renewable Fuel Standard and “fighting for local jobs and working to end America’s reliance on foreign oil. Each are facing competitive elections come November 4th.

The ads are detailed below:

  • Michigan Statewide: Radio ad titled “Our Pockets” about Gary Peters’ support of the RFS and fight to break America’s addiction to foreign oil, and how the Koch Brothers and Big Oil have spent millions against Peters. The ad can be heard here.
  • Minnesota Statewide: Radio ad titled “Next Caller” highlighting Senator Franken’s support of the RFS and his work pushing the Obama Administration to increase production of renewable fuels. The ad can be heard here.
  • Minnesota’s 7th District: Radio ad titled “Change Course” highlighting Collin Peterson’s support for a strong RFS, reduced reliance on foreign oil, and a stronger rural economy. The ad can be heard here.
  • Nebraska’s 2nd District: TV ad titled “Solution” highlighting Lee Terry’s support of the RFS. The ad can be viewed here and a screenshot is below.

Earlier this election season, Fuels America ran a full-page USA adwarning that the EPA’s proposal to fundamentally alter the Renewable Fuel Standard would seriously undermine his Administration’s efforts to combat climate change, promote energy independence, and support the emerging cellulosic ethanol industry.