Fewer flex-fuel vehicles offered by automakers

Source: By Brent Barnett, Brownfield • Posted: Tuesday, October 4, 2022

A leader with Iowa Corn Growers Association says it’s getting more difficult for people to find flex-fuel vehicles.

Flex-fuel vehicles are capable of running on higher blends of ethanol, which can benefit farmers, consumers, and the environment.

Logan Lyon tells Brownfield, “Five-to-10 years ago flex-fuel vehicles were really easy to get or order off the lot,” he said. “Now, as auto manufacturers look at it, they go, ‘Hey, we’re not getting a subsidy or incentive from the government to create flex-fuel vehicles. We are getting an incentive or subsidy to create electric vehicles.’”

Flex-fuel vehicles can run on blends of up to 85 percent ethanol, or E85.

But, he says ethanol is still a viable option because E15 can be used in all vehicles manufactured since 2001. “You can have confidence for E15 if you have a newer vehicle,” Lyon said. “The E85 is where you need to make sure you have a flex-fuel vehicle.”

An analysis of 2022 automobiles by the Renewable Fuels Association shows just 11 flex-fuel vehicle models were offered in 2022, down from more than 80 in 2015.