Feenstra promotes biofuels in new bills

Source: By U.S. Rep. Randy Feenstra • Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2021

One of those bills calls for a comparison of the costs of using electric vehicles and flex fuel vehicles.The other would set up a group to push for development of a biofuel for jet aircraft.

”The Fourth District leads the way in clean energy production, and I am proud of the work our biofuel producers carry out to produce a cleaner and more affordable fuel option,” Feenstra, R-Hull, said in a written statement.

He represents the Fourth Congressional District, which includes Fort Dodge, Webster City and all of the surrounding counties.

”Especially as fuel prices continue to skyrocket, I am eager to explore ways biofuels can be utilized to reduce costs, including ways to save tax dollars within the federal government,” he added.

He has introduced the Comparison of Sustainable Transportation Act. Under this measure, the U.S. comptroller general and the Department of Energy would be directed to compare the financial and environmental costs of replacing the federal government’s gasoline powered vehicles with electric vehicles or flex fuel vehicles that can use a higher blend of ethanol called E85.

”The Biden administration should not be so quick to jump to electric vehicles when E85 flex fuel could provide an even cheaper and cleaner option,” Feenstra said.

Feenstra’s Biojet Fuel Research Act would direct the Federal Aviation Administration to establish a group focused on research and development leading to production of a biofuel for jets. The group would include the U.S. departments of Agriculture and Energy, the biorefinery industry and universities.

Both bills await consideration by committees in the U.S. House of Representatives.