Ethanol RINs rise to 16-month high; RVO hits highest level since May

Source: By OPIS • Posted: Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Current-year ethanol-related D6 Renewable Identification Number (RIN) credits on Monday were assessed at their highest level in 16 months, which boosted OPIS’ Renewable Volume Obligation assessment to its highest mark since mid-May. 2022 D6 RINs were first heard to have traded at $1.69/credit, flat with Friday’s high, but prices continued higher, topping out at $1.71 in the late afternoon. The current-year D6 RIN assessment rose 1.5cts, to $1.70, the highest level since June 23, 2021, when OPIS assessed the credits at $1.705. 2023 D6 RINs were reported traded at a 2.5ct discount to 2022 D6 RINs in addition to outright deals done from $1.665 to $1.685. OPIS assessed the credits up 1.75cts, to $1.675.