Ethanol groups optimistic but cautious about RFS numbers

Source: By Ben Nuelle, Iowa Agribusiness • Posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Robert White, Renewable Fuels Association

Ethanol groups are optimistic but cautious about the upcoming release of Renewable Fuels Standard volumes set to come out in a few weeks.

Robert White has been following when the Environmental Protection Agency will release of the RFS numbers closely. He is Vice President of Industry Relations for the Renewable Fuels Association in Washington, D.C.

“Corn ethanol side is capped at 15 billion. We don’t expect that to change but the advance numbers were lower than we expected and were lower than 2017 and there is no justification for that,” White says.

He says the industry needs the numbers to go higher.

“It has to be consistent and continue going forward because there are companies looking to invest into advanced biofuels and they have to have the right signal from Washington that it is the right market to put their money into,” White says.

The EPA, according to administrator Scott Pruitt, plans to release RFS obligations on time before November 30.