Ethanol Advocates Join for Hearing in Des Moines

Source: By Aaron Hepker, AP • Posted: Thursday, January 23, 2014

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Politicians and other supporters of ethanol production will speak at a daylong hearing in Des Moines prompted by a proposed reduction in the amount of ethanol that must be blended with gasoline.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad organized the hearing, which will begin Thursday morning and stretch into the afternoon.

Speakers include Branstad, U.S. Reps. Steve King and Tom Latham, and industry representatives from several Midwestern states.

Last week, legislators in the Iowa House and state Senate approved resolutions supporting the existing fuel standards. They are reacting to a recent EPA proposal to reduce the amount of ethanol that must be blended with gasoline in 2014.

Iowa is the nation’s leading producer of ethanol, a fuel additive primarily made from corn. Iowa leaders claim the EPA’s proposal would devastate Iowa’s economy.