EPA’s RFS study timeline

Source: By By Kelsey Tamborrino, Politico • Posted: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

EPA wants 14 months to finish up an air quality study of the Renewable Fuel Standard, saying in a court filing Monday that the timeline “is the most expeditious one for the agency to complete the anti-backsliding study.” The study could ultimately lead to new regulations if the agency finds ethanol and other biofuels are creating too much pollution. The review of the biofuels program was mandated to ensure the RFS wasn’t worsening air quality, but it was supposed to be finished in 2010. Yet, EPA’s inspector general previously found EPA had not yet acted in 2016.

The agency also asked the court Monday to hold off on setting a deadline for any follow-up action that EPA may deem necessary. “[W]hat the study says about the kind of impacts that renewable fuel has on air quality could greatly affect whether EPA requires mitigation measures as well as the types of measures it considers in a rulemaking,” the agency wrote.