EPA Admin Updates on RFS and Dicamba in MN Farm Visit

Source: By Red River Farm Network • Posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler denied requests for retroactive small refinery waivers in mid-September, but pending small refinery exemptions remain. “Those pending waivers are from 2019 and they’re the subject of the Tenth Circuit Court’s decision,” said Wheeler. “The other side of that case has appealed. We’re waiting to see what ultimately becomes of the court decision. If we were to prematurely grant or deny them and the court overturns or sustains them, we would have to go back and do them again and it’s almost impossible to go back and take away or give it to someone after the fact.” The 2021 Renewable Volume obligations are in interagency review. “We want to get it right and it’s been a really strange year for the fuel markets.” Wheeler visited an eastern Minnesota farm on Monday, answering questions on the Renewable Fuel Standard, the WOTUS replacement and 2021 dicamba registration.