Environmental Protection Agency samples air at former AltEn ethanol plant in Mead, Nebraska

Source: By Julie Cornell, KETV • Posted: Wednesday, June 1, 2022

EPA searches for cause of foul odors near Mead

The Environmental Protection Agency is sampling the air in Mead, Nebraska, around the former AltEn ethanol plant this week. They’re trying to determine the source of foul odors near the site.

Investigators with the federal agency will conduct three days of testing in the Mead area. In September of 2021, The EPA and Nebraska’s Department of Environmental and Energy tested the air in the same area, searching for specific compounds including benzene, toluene, and hydrogen sulfide. A report by the NDEE found that “all sample results were found to be below levels of concern.”

The AltEn plant was shut down in March and since that time, a handful of seed corn companies have spent millions of dollars on cleanup and mitigation efforts on the property. For six years, AltEn used pesticide-treated seed corn to create ethanol, leaving several lagoons full of chemically tainted wastewater and acres of chemical-laden corn byproduct on the property.