EIA: Ethanol Stocks Up 3.5% on Week

Source: By Progressive Farmer • Posted: Friday, August 16, 2019

EIA data shows ethanol stocks rose for the first time in five weeks in the PADD 2 Midwest producer region, up 217,000 bbl to 7.854 million bbl, an increase of 2.6% versus the same week last year.

Ethanol inventory increased in the destination markets, with PADD 1 East Coast supply up for a second week, rising 82,000 bbl to 7.493 million bbl, 3.9% more than during the comparable week a year ago. PADD 3 Gulf Coast inventory added 128,000 bbl last week to 5.049 million bbl, down 3.8% compared with last year, while PADD 5 West Coast stockpiles rose 339,000 bbl to 3.137 million bbl, 24% above year ago.

Agency data showed output at U.S. production plants rose for a second straight week, up 5,000 barrels per day (bpd), or 0.5%, in the week ended Aug. 9 to 1.045 million bpd. Plant output is down 27,000 bpd, or 2.5%, against a year ago. During the four weeks ended Aug. 9, U.S. plant production averaged 1.039 million bpd compared to a 1.077 million bpd production rate during the comparable period a year ago.

Net ethanol inputs by refiners and blenders increased 22,000 bpd, or 2.3%, to 967,000 bpd, 2% more than the same week in 2018. During the four weeks ended Aug. 9, the ethanol blend rate averaged 953,000 bpd which compares with 944,000 bpd a year ago.