EDF floats study finding cheaper truck EVs in bid to bolster EPA rule

Source: By Inside EPA • Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2022

New research commissioned by the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is finding electric vehicle (EV) costs dropping so fast that upfront purchase cost for many medium- and heavy-duty vehicle types used in cities will be cheaper than conventional models by 2027, boosting calls for EPA to bolster its forthcoming proposal on the topic. The Feb. 10 report is “highly relevant to the standards that EPA is about to propose,” EDF associate vice president for clean air strategies Peter Zalzal tells Inside EPA’s Climate Extra, arguing it demonstrates that zero-emitting solutions are “feasible and highly cost effective” for many different applications in the timeframe officials are considering for their plan. EPA in the coming days is expected to propose updated greenhouse gas standards for certain classes of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, alongside stricter nitrogen oxides (NOx) limits for the broader sector.