Democratic Party to ban fossil contributions

Source: Nick Bowlin, E&E News reporter • Posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Democratic National Committee is moving to ban accepting contributions from fossil fuel companies, E&E News has confirmed.

Christine Pelosi, an activist and daughter of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), proposed a successful motion against the donations over the weekend.

The group will no longer take money from political action committees linked to oil, gas and coal corporations or industries. HuffPost first reported the development.

Pelosi laid out the proposal and its justification in an online post. It charges energy companies with having “deceived the public about the impacts of climate change, fought the growth of clean renewable energy, and corrupted our political system.”

RL Miller, head of Climate Hawks Vote Political Action, said, “In order to restore trust, the DNC needs to show people it can walk the walk, and we have a very clear platform that climate change is not only real but a very clear emergency.”

Miller has pushed the California Democratic Party to take similar steps and helped Pelosi draft the resolution.

In 2016, the DNC took in $2.6 million from energy and natural resource interests, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. The sector has donated $186,100 in the current campaign cycle.

The DNC could not be reached for comment in time for publication.