Cruz’s ‘rally’ draws barrage of criticism from ethanol supporters

Source: By Ken Anderson, Brownfield • Posted: Friday, February 23, 2018


Texas Senator Ted Cruz, speaking at the PES oil refinery on Wednesday.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s anti-RFS rally Wednesday at the bankrupt Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) oil refinery drew a barrage of criticism from ethanol supporters.

“Ted Cruz seems more interested in the spotlight than facts,” said Emily Skor, CEO of Growth Energy. “If Mr. Cruz cared about jobs, he would support workers in the heartland who produce America’s homegrown energy and stop spreading falsehoods about the RFS.”

“Senator Cruz’s increasingly desperate publicity stunts do not change the fact that the problems facing Philadelphia Energy Solutions have nothing to do with the Renewable Fuel Standard and everything to do with mismanagement by the PES ownership group,” said Brian Jennings, CEO of the American Coalition for Ethanol.

“Every independent study shows the PES bankruptcy was due to management decisions that did not work out, not the Renewable Fuel Standard,” said Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

In his remarks, Cruz said “a broken RIN system” is the problem. He said he wants to find a “win-win solution” for refinery workers and corn farmers.

“There is a win-win solution, where we can fix RINs, save the jobs of the refinery workers, and also allow corn farmers to sell more corn and get the government out of the way of the success of both of us,” Cruz said.

That drew this response from North Dakota farmer Kevin Skunes, president of the National Corn Growers Association. “Corn farmers’ definition of a “win-win” is providing regulatory parity for E15, and higher blends of ethanol, which would increase the supply of RINs to lower RIN values, and improve transparency in the trading system.”

“Senator Cruz’s efforts to secure a so-called ‘win-win’ solution to protect refining jobs are entirely misdirected,” said Bob Dinneen of the Renewable Fuels Assocation. “If he truly cares about the jobs at PES, he ought to focus his angst on the investors who sacrificed their own refinery for more lucrative investments…All Senator Cruz is really protecting is corporate greed, because that’s what’s really at the heart of PES’ financial problems.”