Corn growers’ ethanol committee meets with California officials

Source: by Crop Protection News Reports • Posted: Friday, February 26, 2016

The ethanol committee of the National Corn Growers Association met with California regulators and industry leaders to talk about the economy, reducing greenhouse gases, and producing higher quality blends that can be sold at retail prices.

“California’s low carbon fuels standard presents an excellent opportunity for higher ethanol fuel blends to perform well in this market,” Ethanol Committee Chair Paul Jeschke said. “Although there have been improvements made in the GHG number assigned to corn ethanol by CARB, corn farmers feel there is more work to be done in order for CARB to recognize the true benefits of corn ethanol under California’s LCFS Program.”

Pacific Ethanol’s Tom Koehler and Propel Fuels CEO Rob Elam also met with the committee to discuss how to re-create the success of the California companies in other states. Pacific Ethanol supplies ethanol to Propel Fuels, the largest E85 retailer in the state. Propel Fuels wants to increase the market for ethanol, as only 3 percent is available for sale, although the low carbon fuels are more affordable than gas.

The committee includes Chairman Mark Recker and Corn Board Liaison Keith Alverson.