Corn farmers cross fingers that push for ethanol expansion gets go-ahead

Source: By NTV News • Posted: Monday, April 8, 2019


One of the hardest hit groups from the floods are corn farmers.

While they’re working to battle back from all that water, they’re also crossing their fingers that the push for ethanol expansion will get the go-ahead.

Nebraska Ethanol Board chairman Jan ten Bensel and vice chair Scott McPheeters spent this past week in Washington D.C. spoke to lawmakers about why ethanol is so important.

On top of speaking with Congressmen and Senators, McPheeters said its important to make sure the expansion of E-15 doesn’t actually allow the EPA to short change the amount of ethanol being used across the country.

“We do whatever we needed to hold the EPA accountable to not waste gallons after we’ve allowed them into the market with the E-15. Giving the consumers the choice of E-15 all year long is great but if we give with that hand and then take away with the fact that it won’t be in the market because it’s not required to be there. Our fuel suppliers don’t want our ethanol in the market, they want to have their oil in the market,” said McPheeters.

Nationwide year-round E-15 is still set to kick in June 1, 2019.