China stocks up on US corn

Source: By Agri-Pulse • Posted: Sunday, March 27, 2022

The U.S. loaded 1.5 million metric tons of corn onto ships for delivery around the globe during the week of March 11-17, and nearly a third of that was destined for China, according to the latest trade data out of USDA. The U.S. shipped 477,900 metric tons of corn to China. China was also the primary destination for U.S. sorghum and soybeans during the seven-day period, according to the USDA data. The U.S. shipped 255,000 tons of sorghum and 161,700 tons of soybeans to China. South Korea was the main destination for U.S. beef from March 11 through March 17, but the U.S. also shipped significant volumes to China. The U.S. sent 9,000 tons to South Korean buyers and 7,600 tons to Chinese buyers.