Chicago Proposes Law Requiring Gas Stations to Offer E15 

Source: By The OilSpot News • Posted: Thursday, July 17, 2014

The City Council of Chicago will debate a proposed ordinance introduced June 26 that requires all self-service gas stations operating in the city to offer gasoline with 15% ethanol blend ratio or E15.

Most gasoline across the United States currently contains up to 10% ethanol blends or E10.
The measure, introduced by Alderman Edward Burke and Anthony Beale, mandates that every licensed self-service station open to the general public make E15 available for use in motor vehicles and motor vehicle engines within 180 days after passage and publication of the ordinance.
Stations selling less than 500,000 gallons a year or having tanks that are not compatible would be exempt. The proposal was sent for consideration to the Chicago Committee on Finance.
“Introduction of the measure comes as a survey of average gas prices across the nation show Chicago has the highest average, $4.15 a gallon, and Tucson, Arizona has the lowest average price of $3.37,” the city said in a June 26 news release. “E15 is significantly less expensive than conventional gasoline, with expected savings between 5 and 15cts per gallons.”
Burke said, “Simply put, consumers deserve more choices at the pump, especially during this era of high fuel prices.”
Beale labeled the proposal a green initiative.
“Supporting this measure would strongly demonstrate that the City of Chicago is dedicated to improving local air quality, reducing petroleum usage, and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles,” Beale said.
The rule is not without controversy however, since some vehicles are not approved to run on E15 and using gasoline with an ethanol concentration above 10% could void warranties.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved a federal waiver allowing the use of E15 in vehicles 2001 and newer in January 2011. However, auto manufacturers have stated they would not warranty a vehicle older than model year 2013 fueled with E15.