CFDC Calls on New EPA Administrator To Prioritize Octane in New Fuel Economy Rule

Source: By Doug Durante, CFDC • Posted: Sunday, March 14, 2021

Washington, D.C. – (March 11, 2021) – The Clean Fuels Development Coalition called the pending revision of the nation’s fuel economy rules one of the most immediate and tangible actions the Biden Administration can take to address a range of issues impacting climate, health, and economic challenges.

In a letter congratulating incoming Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan, CFDC called for the “Repeal & Replace” of the SAFE rule. “In addition to the overarching objective of establishing a single national program, we urge you to consider the immediate benefits that would result from an orderly transition to a national standard for cleaner burning, lower cost, and higher performance high octane gasoline.”

Despite the fact that EPA asked for comments on how octane could be increased in the SAFE rule, the letter noted that the agency took no action, including ignoring the requirement to limit toxic aromatic compounds currently used to increase octane.

“As a result of the SAFE rule failing to address these issues we along, with several like-minded organizations, have filed an Amicus Brief in support of the National Farmers Union and others that makes a compelling scientific and legal argument as to why increasing octane while controlling aromatics should be part of any fuel economy rule.”

CFDC Executive Director Doug Durante said, “With rising gasoline prices, the continued threat of airborne viruses, and other pollutants remaining a serious health problem, cleaning up our gasoline with clean, renewable, made in America ethanol is more important than ever.”

“We welcome Administrator Regan and look forward to working with him on these important issues.”