CCS projects at ethanol plants continue to grow, as does condemnation

Source: By OPIS • Posted: Thursday, October 14, 2021

As the amount of attention garnered by carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects associated with ethanol plants has continued to ramp up recently, so too has the rhetoric from opponents of the practice. A letter sent last week by a group of more than 330 scientists to President Joe Biden denounced the practice of CCS. That came on the heels of a move this summer by more than 500 environmental and social organizations urging Canada and the U.S. to stop pursuing CCS as a climate policy, calling it a “dangerous distraction” driven by the oil industry. Sandra Steingraber, a senior scientist with the Science and Environmental Health Network and a lead signatory on last week’s letter, told OPIS that CCS is “an industry scam that really serves as a lifeline to the fossil fuel industry and is not capable to serving as any sort of meaningful solution to the climate crisis.”