CARB’s Nichols Would Accept EPA Administrator Nomination Under Biden

Source: By InsideEPA • Posted: Thursday, October 29, 2020

 California air board chief Mary Nichols says she would accept the job of EPA administrator if offered the post under a Biden administration. Nichols is optimistic about pursuing some of these programs at the national level, but says doing so would be complicated. “One example would certainly be the [LCFS], which would be a replacement” for EPA’s current renewable fuel standard (RFS), which is a “mandate for renewable gasoline — it’s an ethanol mandate, basically,” she says. The LCFS is “so much more effective” than the RFS, Nichols argues. “And even the ethanol industry I believe has come to recognize that California’s approach — which they resisted mightily at first because they thought it was California-centric, and the Midwestern corn growers wouldn’t stand a chance in that market — is now the best market that they have, because it’s objective.” However, it is unclear if EPA could implement a federal LCFS without new legislation. “And although I’m not going to say that I know this for sure, but given the investment that has been in this program over the years by the Congress, it’s hard to imagine that you could do that without approval.”