Buttigieg says there’s real cost to Trump’s broken RFS promises

Source: By Radio Iowa Contributor • Posted: Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Pete Buttigieg

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says President Trump isn’t keeping his promises to Iowa’s agricultural community when it comes to the Renewable Fuels Standard.

“Actions speak louder than words and the president says he cares about farmers, but if you look what he’s done with the RFS and these refinery waivers, he’s not keeping his word,” Buttigieg says, “and that’s got a real cost.”

Buttigieg toured the Golden Grain Energy ethanol plant in Mason City this morning. Buttigieg, citing the hit commodity prices had already taken due to Trump’s trade actions against China, said in an interview that Trump has failed to follow through on his promises about federal ethanol and biodiesel production rules for 2020 and beyond.

“Folks are frankly being jerked around by mixed signals from the White House,” Buttigieg said, “and, meanwhile, the problem hasn’t been fixed.”

Buttigieg is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, which is home to a 35-year-old ethanol plant.

“Out my window you see the ethanol plant that’s our biggest water customer in the city of South Bend,” Buttigieg said, “and the whole Midwest is suffering while this president talks out both sides of his mouth.”

The 16-month-long trade dispute between the U.S. and China remains unresolved. Nearly a thousand Chinese products had been exempted from previous tariffs, but those exemptions are set to expire December 28th. Buttigieg said it’s time for Trump to end the impasse.

“This is not making our economy stronger. On the contrary, I think it’s contributing to some of the concerns were starting to see on the manufacturing side,” Buttigieg said. “…In area after area for farmers, for workers, for consumers, this president has promised a lot and not kept his word.”

Buttigieg campaigned Sunday in Waverly, Charles City and Mason City. Buttigieg’s making a mid-day stop at Algona’s V-F-W and he’ll speak at a town hall meeting in Spencer this (Monday) afternoon.

(By Bob Fisher, KGLO, Mason City)