Branstad tours ethanol plant during Siouxland stop

KTIV  • Posted: Monday, March 26, 2012


Ethanol was the top priority during a stop by Governor Terry Branstad in Siouxland Friday. He took a tour of the Little Sioux Corn Processors ethanol plant in Marcus, IA.

Managers say they requested the governor stop by to talk about the future of their industry. The plant produces about 113 million gallons of ethanol a year.

They send it to southeast states like Georgia and North Carolina. To make all that fuel, each day the plant has to grind more than 500 acres of corn, all coming from fields up to 40 miles away. Managers say it was great opportunity for the governor to see what roll their business plays in the area.

“See what we do, see how involved we are in the Iowa economy. And, how important this industry is to the people in Iowa,” said General Manager Steve Roe.

The group also discussed the future of gas/ethanol blend E15. Currently, the fuel is stuck behind federal government red tape and can’t be offered at Iowa pumps just yet.

Governor Branstad says time is of the essence, he wants more ethanol options out there as soon as possible.

“EPA has been really slow getting the approval on that, so we want to move forward as quickly as we can both with E15 and also with blender pumps,” said Branstad.

Branstad also made a stop in Storm Lake today to talk about reductions to commercial and industrial property taxes.

He’ll be in Spencer and Arnold’s Park Saturday.