Biofuels, oil groups clash over EPA plan to allow summertime E15 sales

Source: By Stuart Parker, Inside EPA • Posted: Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Biofuels industry and oil sector groups are clashing over EPA’s plan to allow eight Midwestern states to sell 15 percent ethanol fuel (E15) during the summer ozone season, with biofuels advocates criticizing EPA’s implementation delay to 2024 while some in the refining sector are pressing for a further extension to allow for infrastructure changes.

“We strongly encourage EPA to reconsider its proposed delay, and we believe there is still time to implement this action before the summer volatility control season begins on June 1, 2023,” said Geoff Cooper, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA). “If there truly is a problem with implementing the governors’ petition this summer, it is a problem of the administration’s own making,” Cooper said. “EPA’s seven-month delay in taking any action at all on the petition has put the marketplace in a real jam — and it should be EPA’s responsibility to get us out of that jam.”