Biodiesel Industry Wants Higher Volumes in RFS

Source: By WNAX • Posted: Sunday, May 22, 2016

The National Biodiesel Board is calling on the Obama administration to strengthen the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2017 Renewable Fuels Standard volumes for biodiesel. The Board’s Ben Evans says the agency’s proposal calls for 2.1 billion gallons of biodiesel up from 2 billion gallons this year. However, it’s still short of their request and the statutory levels set in the RFS.

He says they don’t understand why the Obama administration wouldn’t propose higher biodiesel volumes. He says they claim to be committed to battling climate change, but have overlooked the positive impact this advanced biofuel can have on lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

Evans says they’re going to use biodiesel’s positive environmental and economic benefits to convince the agency to increase those RFS levels.

The EPA is expected to finalize the RVOs November 30 and is taking public comment up until July 11.