Biden ‘leans heavily’ on unexplored carbon removal

Source: By Adam Aton, E&E News • Posted: Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Nearly every element in President Biden’s long-term climate agenda returns to the same bottom line: The U.S. economy will keep producing climate pollution decades into the future. To compensate, the U.S. will need to deploy carbon-capture technology to sequester that pollution away from the air. Eventually, the country will need to start pulling carbon directly from the atmosphere — forests and other landscapes won’t be able to do the entire job themselves. Those are the conclusions of Biden’s new long-term strategy for reaching net-zero U.S. emissions by 2050, released in conjunction with the global climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. Carbon capture hasn’t yet deployed at scale because it’s too expensive to compete in the market. Top climate scientists have said it will be a necessary part of global decarbonization, especially in hard-to-reach sectors like heavy industry. But it faces opposition from some progressives who see it as a lifeline for the fossil fuel industry.