Biden EPA’s first denial of refiner RFS waiver points to tougher policy

Source: By Inside EPA • Posted: Monday, November 8, 2021

The Biden EPA has for the first time denied a new small refinery request for a waiver from Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) biofuel blending mandates, a move that biofuels groups hope presages a higher bar for such requests after the Trump EPA allowed many waivers, and which may also clear a path to issuance of overdue RFS volumes rules. Biofuels groups are expressing hopes that denial reflects a tougher approach to refiners, after the Trump administration granted large numbers of such waivers. Biofuels groups blame the generous issuance of the waivers for undermining demand for biofuels, contrary to the statutory goal of the RFS to increase biofuels blending. “We are greatly encouraged by EPA’s decision to deny this bailout request from an oil refinery that has continually attempted to dodge its legal obligations to blend low-carbon renewable fuels,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper.