Aurora Co-op expands ethanol options in Hastings

Source: By NTV • Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2019

A farmer-owned co-op tells growers their corn is their fuel.

Aurora Cooperative held a grand opening for new ethanol pumps on the east side of Hastings this week

The A-Stop on Highway 6 now features several ethanol blends.

Corn farmer Ted Schrock of Elm Creek says he fuels up an ’86 Monte Carlo with higher blends and he encourages drivers to use biofuels, especially the 15 percent blend soon to be approved for year-round use.

“NASCAR’s burning it, I put it in that old Monte Carlo and it sit all winter and fired right up. Your car’s used to E-10 anyway, why not get a little more octane, it’s a no brainer,” he said.

The EPA is currently accepting public comments on the proposal to allow E-15 year round, with hopes to have the rule finalized by June 1.

It doesn’t come without opposition; the American Petroleum Institute says ethanol may not be safe for all vehicles.

Aurora Cooperative CEO Chris Vincent said the co-op is looking at more ethanol fuel locations. He said their strategy is to offer locations where farmers can fuel up quickly and get back to the field.