Another Brick in the Wall

Source: By Michael Hirsh, Politico • Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Renewable Fuels Association, an ethanol producers trade group, is taking out ads in POLITICO, The Hill and Morning Consult opposing a bill that would cap the amount of renewable fuels that could be blended into gasoline. The ads attack the concept of a “blend wall,” an oil industry concept that suggests that if a gallon of gasoline is more than 10 percent renewable fuels (usually corn ethanol), it will wreak havoc on the gasoline supply chain. The RFA ad counters that argument by pointing out that in at least 22 states, the percentage of renewable fuels in gasoline already exceeds 10 percent, including reaching 12.2 percent in the corn-producing state of Minnesota. The RFA is attempting to blunt the appeal of H.R. 5180, a bill championed by Reps. Bill Flores and Peter Welch that has 112 co-sponsors and would cap the amount of ethanol blended into U.S. gasoline at 9.7 percent. “We’ll continue to fight the oil companies’ misleading narrative regarding the blend wall,” said RFA CEO Bob Dinneen.