Andrew Yang targets climate change in big Iowa ad buy

Source: By Timothy Cama, E&E News reporter • Posted: Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is spending roughly $500,000 on a new advertisement in Iowa to promote his climate change agenda.

Yang’s ad, set to start airing today on television stations in the state that will hold the nation’s first presidential nominating contest of 2020, highlights his commitments to ending tax breaks for fossil fuel companies and implementing a constitutional amendment to guarantee environmental protections.

“Iowa has suffered devastating floods and tornadoes. Other states, scorching wildfires and super hurricanes. Our climate is in crisis,” he says in the ad.

“The time to act was decades ago. As president, I won’t wait,” Yang continues.

“Big polluters like the oil and gas industry get billions in tax breaks and subsidies,” he says. “I’ll end the corporate handouts and crack down on those causing climate change. I approve this message because I’m the only candidate who supports a constitutional climate amendment to protect our future.”

Yang’s climate proposal, unveiled in August, has many of the main pillars seen in other Democratic candidates’ plans, such as putting a price on carbon dioxide emissions and ending fossil fuel industry incentives.

But he also puts an emphasis on new funding to explore geoengineering ideas including space mirrors and new nuclear power technology, both controversial among Democrats and environmentalists.

Yang qualified this week for next week’s Democratic primary debate. But he is far from the most popular candidate for voters who prioritize climate change, according to polling commissioned by the Sierra Club, which found 2% of those voters favor him.